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Let's unlock your potential. 


The Festival Key

Sandra Lipski, CEO

and Founder & Director  

Mallorca International

Film Festival 

est. 2012

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About TFK

Consulting & Strategizing 

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What The Festival Key can do for you:

  • Film Festival strategies for Filmmakers 

  • Consulting for Film Festivals 

  • Curating culture events, speaking engagements, panels, Q&A's and more (Online options availble) 


​The Festival Key is a consulting company created by Sandra Lipski; filmmaker and founder & director of the Mallorca International Film Festival. Sandra and her team have perfected the art and business of running a successful international film festival. MIFF is:

  • "100 Best Reviewed Film Festival" on FilmFreeway".

  • "Top 50 Film Festivals Worth The Entry Fee" by MovieMaker Magazin (7 years in a row)

  • "Festivals For Europe" Official seal from

  • Sandra is a graduate of the DYFF Develop Your Film Festival and Sponsorship Strategy training course by the ICO Independent Cinema Office UK.


"We're lucky to have a festival such as Mallorca - it's a passion play, a labor of love a real celebration for filmmaker's often Sisyhpean endeavors. Embrace it. Savor it. Love it. You've earned it. It's fan-dabby-dozy-tastic."

 - Brian O'Hare, MovieMaker Magazin 

Film Festival Strategy

Film Festival Strategy 

For Filmmakers 

After we analyze your film and any materials (Poster, Synopsis, Logline, Screenshot, and Directors's Bio) you have, TFK custom creates a strategy to fit your film's needs. We offer short-term and long-term support to achieve your film festival goals for Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, student films, etc.


Your Film is finished and you have all your materials ready; Poster, screenshots, synopsis, director's bio, etc. Then it's time for TFK to we evaluate all materials and make the best Film Festival strategy for your film.


Your film is in post-production and You need guidance for the final cut, create the best materials to represent your film and create a premium Festival Strategy to reach your desired festival goals?



Your film is in pre-production and You wonder; Where will I find my audience?, What are the best marketing strategies? TFK is here to guide you through the entire process from post-production to your first Film Festival premiere and beyond. 

Topics we cover: 

  • Materials: poster, screenshots, synopsis, director's bio etc.

  • Optimizing your Filmfreeway profile

  • Online presence: Vimeo, Youtube, etc.

  • Your personalized Film festival list

  • Best submission practices 

  • Budget for film festival submissions

  • Budget for travel to Film Festivals 

  • How to best communicate with film festival staff

  • Your social media strategy

  • Networking tips at film festivals 

  • Important film festival prep: How to best promote your screening before and during the film festival dates 

email us today for information about the packages TFK offers. 

Film Festival Consulting

For Film Festivals 


Are you starting a brand new Film Festival and need consulting in all areas?  We will help you strategize and guide you through the entire process with ease to bring your festival vision to life. 



Are you a young Film Festival in the process of establishing your brand and image? We can help you find your niche, key audience, and create a game plan to achieve your goals. 



Are you an established Film Festival running for many years and it's time to update, revitalize and modernize certain areas? We help you elevate specific areas to give your festival a fresh new vibe while maintaining the integrity you have worked so hard to create. 

Services offered: ​

  • Festival Business plan

  • Programming

  • Building new audiences

  • Festival Mission Statement & Team Culture 

  • Event Production

  • Guest services travel and hospitality 

  • Festival Marketing

  • Press Conferences 

  • Social Media Strategy and growth

  • Sponsorship 

  • Gala Presentations 

  • VIP Guests & Special Awards

  • Workshop, Panel, Masterclass & Pitch Forum Production (Moderation & Participation available)

  • etc.

email us today for information about the packages TFK offers. 

Film Festival Consulting
Talks & Events

Talks & Events 

Film Festivals, film premiers, Talks, Q&A's & more 

As founder & director of the annual Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival, I know how important it is to make your guests feel appreciated and your audience entertained.


My favorite part of running a film festival is the interaction with filmmakers at talks, panels, Q&A's and gala presentations. 


My goal is to create transformative conversations that will inspire and satisfy filmmakers and audiences alike. 


Events hosted & moderated

  • Opening and Closing Night Galas 

  • Q&A's 

  • Industry panels & round tables 

  • Masterclasses 

  • Press Conferences 

  • VIP interviews

  • Radio and TV interviews 

All in English, German and Spanish. 

email us today for information about event pricing.  

Talks & Events
Clients & Press

Clients & Partners

Successfull collaborations with



Comic Con  

Moviemaker Magazin

Cannes Film Festival, American Pavilion Panel

Latino Filmmaker Network

NÓT Film Festival

Hollyshorts Festival 

Seattle Film Summit

Los Angeles Film School 

SoHo House Los Angeles 

Mammoth Lakes Film Festival 

Los Angeles Music Video Festival 

South-Eastern European Film Fest

El Festival de Cinema de Menorca 

SCL (Society of Composers and Lyricists)

Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival 

Cinema Without Borders Festival in Hollywood


Read about us here 

Sandra Lipski

Founder & CEO The Festival Key

I created The Festival key because I simply cannot contain my passion for filmmakers, films, and the film festivals that screen them.


My expertise stems from creating the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival (EMIFF) in 2012.

Since then I lead an international festival team, together we produce a high-quality Film Festival with excellent films, panels, workshops, spotlight events, honoree screenings, and top industry networking events.


Previous guests include Academy Award winners Danny Devito, Paul Haggis, Melissa Leo, Asif Kapadia, Fernando Trueba, and internationally renowned 

actors such as Mads Mikkelsen, Angela Molina and Ana de Armas.

I get a kick out of connecting people and creating amazing experiences for filmmakers, their films, and film festivals. 

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Sandra Lipski
Peopl say

What people say; 

"You made a movie? Great! Now make yourself and your film a favor and talk to Sandra, a professional festival programmer, to take your work to the next level. I wish we had talked to her before I wasted time and money going down dead ends."

Ben Eckstein writer/director Zero Fucks


"The advice and guidance I got from The Festival Key was priceless! The insight was not just incredibly knowledgeable with years of experience behind it, it was up to date. I feel really prepared for the upcoming year of festivals for my film Pant Hoot after her evaluation and review of the project. The Festival Key took a deep dive into all the promotional materials and the social media, with great advice for those areas. TFK continues to check in on my progress long after the notes and advice were received, and all my questions were answered. I have no idea how I would have done this without them. Thank you!"

Richard Reens director/dp Pant Hoot 

"Yeah! We are stoked. This was an eye-opening consultation." 

Batia Parnass producer Zero Fucks


"A most wonderful festival! Networking made celebratory, sophisticated, and with the personal touch of generosity and loving films and artists alike! A most fulfilling experience! Thank you EMIFF!" Birgitta Bernhard - Screenwriter Alumni EMIFF 

"It's a wonderful film festival! Great communication, panels, and top-quality care for the filmmakers. - Dimitri de Clercq- Filmmaker, Alumni EMIFF 

"Very warm and beautiful experience on this gorgeous island with Evolution! True film lovers and wonderful hosts" - 

Eva Dolezalova, Filmmaker,

Alumni EMIFF 

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